about me

I choose not to be defined by what I do, rather, what I do is a result of who I am on the inside.  Some of the things I love to do, are: parent my four children, love my husband, take pictures, sing songs, write songs, play piano, play guitar, give to others, sew handbags, inspire people, encourage people, learn, read books, write things, make things, think outside the box, speak french...the list goes on... 

I love Jesus more than anything and have found that the real me only comes out because I am connected to Him. I am a dreamer, and am in the process of realizing my dreams. I like being able to do lots of things and exploring all my talents. I am not afraid to be different or stick out in a crowd. I love being with people, but I love being alone just as much (and that's probably where most of my creativity blossoms). I am easy-going and positive, in fact, it is unnatural for me to think negatively about most things. I am not skeptical or critical, although I do have strong opinions - I just don't always have to share them.

I love encouraging people in their gifts and seeing them succeed. I have a habit of trying to find the beauty in everything about life...even the ugly stuff and difficult stuff, because that is just another opportunity for me to become a better person. I have learned that it is important to enjoy each moment, or you will regret it later. I have also learned that you can't judge people right away, because they're sure to prove you wrong somewhere down the road. I believe that guilt is a terrible motivator. And I also believe that everyone deserves a second chance...or third, fourth or fifth, ...or more, for that matter.

When it comes to children, I believe they are a blessing and having them can make you a better person. Although I do get tired of some of the things they do, I never ever get tired of having them around and don't know how it will be when I have to send them out on their own. I believe in involving my kids in my life. They are not just a responsibility, they are people too, and I consider our family a team. I do not believe that my children hinder me from attaining my goals in business and life, they only enhance the experience as I go.