September 22, 2007

Time to update

I haven't posted alot of the recent things I've been doing lately, so I'm going to overload my blog with THREE posts today. Yes, that's right...three. This one will be for the pictures I've taken over the last week or so. Murielle and I have done some serious shopping for baby stuff in the last two weeks. Our best purchase was yesterday. We found our double stroller (the one we've been researching for a little while now) along with a MATCHING infant carseat at a discount store! We only paid (don't be jealous, now) $125 for the set! That's a double stroller and car seat. Can't believe we got such a good deal. Now I will be able to stroll through the malls with a relative amount of comfort for my two kids. (doesn't that sound funny? my "two kids". Only 6 weeks to go.) Speaking of kids, here is a photo of me at 33 weeks pregnant. My belly just keeps popping out there!

So, now, back to the shopping for baby stuff...
We also got a GREAT deal ($4) on this baby bassinet I thought would be useful to keep downstairs in my laundry room when I'm doing laundry. That way I won't have to set my little infant boy on the cement floor (as if I would). You can't really see much of the basket in this picture, but you'll be able to tell that it's quite large...and sturdy (as I found out the other day). Murielle had a fun time playing in it. If it can stand up to that, it can stand up to an infant.

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