January 23, 2008

And the sites pile up

Sometimes I feel like I could have a full-time job just maintaining all the websites/blogs I've accumulated over the last few years. Some are for family, and some are for friends and some are for business, and even more business and that's what makes it hard when I feel the need to cut back. Although I enjoy making all these connections through profiles on facebook, myspace and hi5, I can't help but wonder if I'm putting too much out there. I have 10 "websites" to maintain. As you can imagine, some of them fall by the wayside time and time again. I see a cutback in my future.

In other news...I added a new item to my shop today. I am so excited about this one because it is just as functional as my reversible handbags. It is called the "droplet". It's a small drawstring bag. That's it. Simple. Nothing fancy, but definitely quite a handy little item to have around. Check it out.

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