January 7, 2008

New bags & 2008

The shop has been updated...but as quickly as I have posted the bags, two of them have sold. That is wonderful! Hopefully I can have some more bags posted very soon. Keep a lookout.

It is 2008. 8 years ago some of us were a little scared of what the new millennium would hold, but here we are. We are 8 years into it. Since then, I have finished college, gotten married, started two businesses, owned two houses, had two kids, etc. You get the picture. Alot can happen in a little time. Makes me look at this whole new year ahead of me with fresh eyes. Will time be the one to take me, or will I take it? Will the year just happen to me, or will I seize every moment - capture it and make it mine? I envision a very full year...full of opportunity, full of success, full of blessing, full of life. I already know that it will be good. But a kind of hold-on-to-your-socks, adventurous & exciting, good. This will also be a year about family. All this adventure, success, laughter, and joy will be shared together.
This year has a "morning" feel to it. Like I'm ready to take on the day. To me, it almost feels like another year 2000 - full of unknowns for the years ahead, and like a new beginning...starting from scratch.

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