November 25, 2008


I am so full of emotion right now. Murielle has had a low fever the last couple of days - nothing major, but she's still quite miserable. It's funny how instinctive it is for me to care for her especially when I see she really needs it. In fact, I'd almost say that I have more patience for her in this than I do regularly. This is probably only the third time Murielle has really been sick in her life! It makes me stop and think: there is alot I have to be thankful for. There's something about being thankful in the midst of circumstances that helps you through them. When finances are tight, it's helpful to remember that we're actually rich. It's all in how you view things. When my child isn't feeling well, it's helpful to think that there are far worse things people go through. Everytime there's an opportunity to complain, in that moment, there are three or four more opportunities to be thankful. Can I just say how thankful I am? I do not take for granted every blessing I've been given. I have been given much more than I will ever deserve. And I know the One who gives it. I hope you will grow in your knowledge of Him too and how much He really loves you.

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