April 1, 2009


I don't often blog about my husband...and I don't really know why. I guess there are just some things/people that I keep sacred and for myself. But today, I thought, would be a perfect day to talk a little bit about my guy...you know, since it's his birthday and all.
Mark is an incredible person. I have never met anyone quite like him. He is very calm and gentle, but definitely not a pushover. He is an extremely good listener. He has no problem letting someone talk his ear off, and he's actually interested in what they have to say.
He is unwavering. He has strong, solid opinions, but is very careful how and when he voices them. When he does voice them, people listen. He is quiet, but not as quiet as you think. He doesn't need or desire to be loud, and he's confident in that. I don't think I've ever heard him yell. For real. Well, maybe at a sports game. He doesn't need to be the center of attention, but if he has a speaking engagement or something of the sort, he has no problem being up front.
I have never seen him concerned or afraid of other peoples' opinions. Those kinds of things don't even cross his mind. In my opinion, his philosophy would be something like this: "What you see is what you get, and if you don't like it...no problem. Let's be friends anyway."
Mark brings a great amount of strength to me, personally. If I lose my head in my busy life, Mark is quick to remind me where I stand: in Christ. He can't always fix my problems (and he is not afraid to admit it), but he frequently tells me, "Estelle, Jesus is in you." and I am reminded, again, where true strength comes from.
Mark is really funny, but in a quirky kind of way. His jokes are a little bit corny and geeky, but they make me laugh (or at least groan) every time.
I really love the way he laughs abruptly out loud at certain funny tv shows (the Office) even when there's no one else in the room. I love how he unreservedly pours love on his family. He is a great Daddy. Better than I ever dreamed he would be.
Mark really likes people. He is more of a people person than I am, although you could probably say I'm louder. He tries to be considerate of everyone and always gives people the benefit of the doubt.
I really believe Mark is who he is because he is living out his life in Jesus. He really knows who he is in Christ. He is an amazing man of integrity and consistency. He is never obsessive or stressed about anything. He is quick to turn his burdens to God. I look up to him as a person and I believe that he is helping me to become who I am meant to be.
Oh, there's definitely so much more I could say about my husband...but today I thought I would give him a little recognition, since he's not the type to toot his own horn.
I thank God for bringing Him into this world 32 years ago today. (and he wouldn't mind me sharing his age, because he likes the thought of growing older and wiser)

Mark, I love you so much. You are my Prince. Happy Birthday.

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Renee said...

This was a wonderful read, Estelle. You really love your man.