April 17, 2009

More bags in the shop for Spring!

Spring is in full swing here! The tulips are *almost* ready to bloom and that makes me SO incredibly glad! Yesterday I took the kids to the park, and we actually had to remove our jackets, it was so warm! Murielle flew a kite for the first time. Watching her do that made me realize (as if I don't think about it everyday anyway) how fast she is becoming a little woman. She makes me proud.

In other news, I updated the shop again yesterday (and this morning), so hop over to get your bag before summer really hits (trust me, you'll want one then). But, get this, I still have 18(!) bags that haven't even been listed yet! They're patiently waiting for buttons. And alot of those are Muri bags and match some of the Kimblee and Mich bags I will have available. Can you just picture a mom and her little girl having matching hobos!? SO cute! And definitely an eye-catcher!

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