November 19, 2009

simple : vinegar

Yes, vinegar. For those of you interested in a versatile, natural cleaning substance to keep around at all times, this post is for you. A 4 litre jug of this clear liquid goes for about $5 and can be used for a variety of things.
I recently ran out of rinse aid for my dishwasher and, knowing the attributes of white vinegar, I thought I would give it a try instead of running out to spend $6 on a very small bottle of commercial rinse aid. Now...brace yourself...I have been using the vinegar instead of rinse aid for 2 weeks now and my dishes have NEVER been this shiny. No joke. Every time I empty a load of clean dishes, I am amazed. On top of that, my stainless steel dishwasher sparkles inside!
I did a google search for vinegar and found it has many more uses than I thought! Enviromom has little bit of info as well. So feel free to try it and let me know your results! My next hunt is for a natural dishwashing detergent I can use in my dishwasher (one that will actually clean my dishes). So if you know of any recipes out there...pass them on!


Tanya said...

As far as biodegradeable dishwashing agent, the best brand I've found is the Superstore brand dishwashing tabs. But I'm a bit cheap so I buy the BioGreen tabs from Costco for way cheaper. Can't wait to try them with the vinegar now, though!

Estelle said...'re gonna love it.