January 13, 2010

pitter patter

Today I heard it for the first time. I heard my little baby's 160 bpm, strong heartbeat, and my heart fluttered. With all three of my pregnancies this has been a significant event for me because it makes everything all the more real. And everytime, I lay there on the bed while the babies heartbeat is being searched out...and once I hear it...I get uncontrollable giggles! It's kind of embarrassing, but I really can't help it...I feel the excitement bubble up inside of me and I just have to laugh! Today was no exception. And as the midwife and I sat there listening to this sign of life, I thought, "Wow...this is really happening. This is really real. There is a little baby in there - probably the size of a plum, and he/she is a unique being. Amazing."

The rest of my appointment went really well and I'm so glad I'm going under the care of midwives this time around. It will be a very different experience for me, and I'm happy.

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