January 22, 2010

The verdict is in

I'm convinced. This stuff is amazing. I made my own laundry soap yesterday and just did a couple loads of laundry this morning to test it out. The first load was all heavily soiled laundry (socks, rags, etc.) and they came out very clean. I should note that there was no odor or fragrance from the soap at all. For me, this is a good thing because that means the soap is leaving no irritating residue on the clothes. They did mention in the recipe that you can add your own essential oils if you like fragrance, but I chose not to.

One thing I was not prepared for, when I went to check out the solution this morning, was exactly how much it would thicken. It was quite amazing, really. The 5 gallons I made definitely did gel without any problem. I mean...I'm talking jell-o. For that reason I would recommend actually using a wide-mouthed bucket. You actually have to scoop out the solution. I used a ladle to scoop the mixture into my smaller container (For this, I would also recommend using a container that has a larger opening - like a regular laundry soap jug, not the smaller fabric softener jug). After following the directions, I now have a smoother liquid which goes directly into my washer and works great! I love it! One thing to note: this soap does not suds up, so don't go expecting that. But it does clean, and it's better for the environment, and for your skin, as well as for your wallet.
Now, let's say I do 10 loads of laundry a week (this is about average for our family of 4), that means this soap I made for less than $4, will last me at least a year. Isn't that incredible?

So, for those of you (in Canada) who were wondering, all the ingredients were very easy to find. Borax and the washing soda were at my local No Frills (that means every other grocery store should carry them). The laundry bar soap can either be found at the grocery store under the name "Linda" (yellow bar), or Sunlight laundry bar, or if you prefer, you can go find a similar bar at a natural food store (like Well Well Well in St. Catharines). This one was a tad bit more expensive, but does the same thing. The recipe also says you can use any bar soap (like Ivory), but I'd stick to one specifically made for laundry so you don't have unnecessary additives or lotions going onto your clothing.
So, there ya go. That's my review on this amazing soap. Makes you wonder how much profit laundry detergent companies are making.

And for the complete recipe, check out yesterday's blog post. Happy laundering!


Misty said...

Sounds pretty amazing. I would love to save money on laundry soap. Thanks for sharing!! I may have to try it...

Julie said...

I grated my Linda soap yesterday, and the kids said CHEESE! and ran to the snack table! .... so we had an educational seminar on making homemade soap... and they were all sold on the idea... but still wanted to eat the soap.
needless to say, we had nanchos for afternoon snack to meet their cravings.