March 4, 2010

I'm hosting the next winter my house.

Excuse the picture quality of the next few photos you're about to see. I wasn't in the mood to adjust camera settings for some "stunning" pictures. I was already stunned.

Last evening, someone (aka, my inquisitive Sam) found my $4 squishy pillow...

...and my scissors. He had about 6 holes like this cut...

...and the basement looked like this.

And if you can't tell, those are the tiny, static, clingy, styrofoam balls used for filling stuff. It's probably going to take another couple rounds with the vacuum (once I empty it) to get them out of the carpet.

Sam is a master at being quiet while carrying out his "experiments". This all happened while I was upstairs cleaning the kitchen and talking to my sister (basement door was open and I didn't hear a thing).

I'm trying to imagine what he was thinking as he spread this "snow" all over the place...and then "skied" through it. (see the trail?)

And don't get me wrong, I get frustrated with my kids at times...I don't want to make you think I don't. And I even flip out from time to time. But I just couldn't be mad about this.

My little Sam is such a sweetheart, he's very obedient and easy-going and not stubborn at all. But he is also very curious about how things work. And he should be, he's two. He's the one we kept the bathroom door closed for from the time he started crawling up until just several months ago (Think...wet, soggy, pee toilet-paper in his mouth. Excuse me while I gag for a moment.)

I did send him to his room and lightly scolded him...but when I went to find him, he was hiding in the corner with his head down and just barely looked up at me with his little, sad, puppy eyes.

It was one of those be-strong-mommy-don't-laugh moments.

And after I put the kids to bed...before I cleaned up the "snow"...I grabbed my camera. Thank goodness I did, cause Mark is not going to believe this.

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Carrie MacDonald said...

i'm not gonna lie, i have one of those same pillows in red. and after seeing this i hope and pray it doesnt ever bust!! haha