July 4, 2010

The workroom

I just realized (while browsing through the mammoth amount of photos stored on my computer) that I haven't posted any pics of my work space. So, better late than never.

There are actually three spaces (other than what is shown here) I work in, when I'm working on bags: the laundry room - which is where I wash the fabric and press it, the family room - which is where I lay out the fabric to cut out bags, and the desk - which is where I work when I'm uploading images, blogging, listing shop items and corresponding with clients.

But this space is where the sewing happens...and where I store my fabric. I still can't believe how much fabric I'm able to keep here! When we moved into this house almost 2 years ago, I was so excited that the previous owners installed all their old shelves and cupboards (from what was their kitchen) into this little hallway in the basement. I knew the shelves would be perfect for fabric. And all my other supplies can be tucked away in the cabinets. It's been great!

I should note that although my fabric shelves seem a little disorganized, I always know where things are. These pictures were taken about a year ago and this is actually the workroom on a good day - most of the time I leave stuff out while I'm working on projects and it's a whole lot messier than this! If I get up enough courage I'll take a picture of that mess one day. That's gonna take alot of courage.

Yesterday I started reorganizing everything again, which I do periodically. Everything goes from order to chaos and even I can only handle that for so long. I want it to be out of my mind before this baby comes so I can focus on caring for him. I know everything won't be perfect before he arrives, but the more I get done now, the better, right? Right.

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