December 8, 2010

Lesson learned

This year has had a definite theme to it. And we knew this would be our year of getting back on track. We've been realigning things in all different areas of our life. And man, it has been an experience. And while there has been much change, it's kind of personal. I mean, I actually think most of you would find the details boring. are a few things I've learned, or that I'm in the process of learning...

- you can get by with alot less than you think you can...and no, you won't go crazy
- you can actually be happier living on less as long as it's part of a plan
- life is full of opportunities
- opportunities are meant to be seized
- living life worrying about peoples opinions of you is a waste of time - you have nothing to prove
- people think what they want whether you're worried about it or not
- if people hurt you, forgive them and try to remember one thing...they may actually be hurting alot more than you are
- VW Jettas are not ideal for a family of 5 (but again, see my first 2 statements)
- one of the most important things you can do is pour yourself into someone else
- it's much easier when you pick your obstacles/challenges rather than have them unexpectedly thrown at you
- challenge yourself continuously if you want to grow
- failure at one thing doesn't mean don't ever try it again, it can mean, next time you try it, you'll be better at it
- failure at one thing may mean, try something completely different
- no matter how tough the situation, there is always a way out...ALWAYS
- many times our struggles in the physical realm actually need to be dealt with on a spiritual level
- life is too short to hold grudges and build walls - your family and friend circle is one of the greatest treasures you will have in this life
- anything is possible...anything at all - if you can dream it, it is possible

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