January 23, 2011

Tractors and Ponies

I really love it when my daughter and son play together. They don't ever seem to mind that each of them has their unique taste in toys. Not a problem. This usually results in friendly tractor & pony play, like what I overheard today....

Sam (the voice for his tractor): "Hey! Do you mind if I roll over you?.....just for a thecond?"

Murielle (with her pony): "SURE!........(as Sam runs over the pony with the tractor)..........OW!...owowow...ow.."

Murielle (pony): "Did you know that you're my mom?"

Sam (tractor): "Yeah. But that's ok."

And there I sat, in the big chair, quietly laughing...wishing my video recorder was on hand. :) Ah...kids.

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