February 2, 2011


I hope I haven't given you the impression that my life is perfect. It's definitely not. Some days are a breeze, and some days are...well.......like a blizzard. Today was one of those days (weather-wise too - it was a snow day). Normally I don't talk too much about those days (as mentioned in this post). I just don't see how it would benefit any of us if I use this blog as a tool for venting frustration. But today, I feel like I need to share.


(This picture was taken a couple of mornings ago.  I forgot to double-check that all parts were secure and the entire bottom came off as I lifted the pitcher up!  My shirt was covered and the kids stood there asking me, "What, mommy, what is it?", as I yelled my thoughts to the blender.)

There are so many times where I feel so frustrated with my kids. Parenting is probably the most challenging thing I have ever had to tackle in my life, and I'm only at the beginning! One of the main reasons it's so hard for me at times is because of how easy it is to feel guilty...for pretty much anything! Am I right, moms? I know I'm not alone because I've heard many a mother talk about the guilt they feel. It's when I'm at my lowest that I get pummeled with guilt. What may start as a challenge at the beginning of the day can quickly turn into an overwhelming problem where I see no solution. Then I get frustrated, overwhelmed and then I start to feel guilty for feeling overwhelmed..and then guilty for feeling guilty! hahaha

But I figured something out the other day (simple as it may sound)...I am the only one living my life. That means, that whatever challenges I face, should never be compared to the challenges that others face. If I am faced with a problem that seems too big for me, that is important to God. He sees how big that mountain is in front of me...He's not looking at me saying, "Well, if you only knew how bad some people have it..." He is never condemning me. He only offers me love and compassion. He knows where I'm at. He understands why I'm there and He knows how to get me out. If I can keep that in mind and stop comparing myself to others, I may be able to make some headway.

If I allow myself to enter that cycle of being overwhelmed and then condemned, I enter a trap. There's no visible way out unless something breaks the pattern. The only way to break the pattern is to stop comparing my problems to other peoples' problems. I need to compare my problems to Jesus. Looking at Him completely diffuses guilt. I am learning that once the guilt is out of the picture, I can think more clearly. Then when I see Jesus in front of my problem, I can ask Him for wisdom and guidance in the situation. There is no problem too great or too small for Him.

And to close off this post, I just found this one that made me smile.  Hope it encourages you too.

♥ Estelle

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Debbie said...

very true- thanks you for posting this!