March 3, 2011

Blessed of God

Hey people!

Do you know that if you know God, He has called you BLESSED?  You are blessed!  That means everything that you come in contact with - wherever you walk - whoever you talk to - the things you do - it is all affected in one way or another, by the blessing of God on your life!!  I don't know about you, but that makes me pretty darn happy. 

For weeks now I've been wanting to put some kind of indication or button on my blog just declaring His blessing on my life and this blog ( I know...I'm weird like that - haha), and I finally came up with something today.  I made a couple buttons to decorate my blog!  Yay for buttons!  Best thing is, I am making them available to you for free!  So, if you want one, just ask and I'll send you one via email!  (make sure you let me know which one...or both)  :)


BTW...these are just plain link to my website, although I did put my credit on them (I made them, after all).  If you would like a button with my logo and link to my site, you can request one of those as well.  I love it when people share my site with others!  Thank you!

♥ Estelle


Tammara said...

can I put one of your buttons on my blog? :) love it!

Julie said...

cute idea Estelle! I made thank you cards tonight at shoppers with your free photo you sent me... i made the photos say: THANK YOU A BUNCH

and your flowers are at the bottom. SO GOOD! :)