March 8, 2011

Take it!

Have you noticed that there are lots of people out there who have a hard time receiving?  I LOVE to give to people, so I've come across many who don't receive things well.  At Christmastime I handed someone a small gift and they reluctantly took it and gave me this funny look as if to say, "Oh, that's cute, but you REALLY didn't have to."  As the giver, this made me feel bad, because I knew they didn't actually "receive" what I had in my heart to give them.  I'm sure you'll agree, that when you have something to give to someone (whether it's an item, or a favor or money, etc.), no strings attached, it is a great JOY to you when the recipient gladly receives.  I believe people fall into some variation of the following six categories, when it comes to receiving:

Takers - the ones who have no problem receiving, and in fact, believe they are "entitled".  The ones who feel ripped off when others get something and they don't.  We've all met at least one, and we've all probably felt this way at some point in life.

Indebted receivers - these are the ones who will gladly receive, but somewhere inside believe it will come back to bite them.  They believe that everytime they get something, eventually things will even out and something will be taken from them.  They believe they will have to "pay up" somewhere along the line. 

Non-receivers - these are the hardest people to give to, because they absolutely won't accept anything.  Have you ever tried to convince these people to take what you're offering and then end up in an argument?  That is the worst feeling.  They all have their reasons, but the bottom line is, they just will not receive.  Period.

Guilty receivers - these ones will sometimes receive, but feel guilty doing so.  They actually feel bad.  They feel as though you shouldn't be giving to them because a)they don't deserve it, or b)they feel you you shouldn't be giving, for one reason or another.

Skeptical receivers - the ones who believe that there is a catch to everything.  "What's the catch?  What are you getting out of this?  What's the real reason you're doing this?", they say.  They may receive, but somewhere in the back of their mind they are wondering what strings are attached.  They may be somewhat justified in alot of cases - how many businesses lure people in this way?  But this robs the skeptic from the true benefit and joy of the gift.

Open receivers - They have no problem receiving anything.  They believe they are blessed, and expect for blessings to just "fall in their lap".  These ones don't feel a sense of entitlement, but are like sponges and soak up the blessing when it comes.  This is where I want to be when it comes to receiving.  I want my life to be a vessel, prepared and expecting to receive abundance in all areas!  And then to have my vessel overflow so much that I must share the wealth with others!   

I'm sure we can all admit, it is actually much easier to give than receive. If you practice giving regularly, it becomes even easier - but receiving can be much more of a challenge, especially if you are working through specific blocks in your thinking.
Not always, but alot of times, our relationships with others can expose alot about how we relate to God.  If we have trouble receiving from others, do we have trouble receiving from God?  Do we feel guilty accepting the blessing He has for us?  Do we feel undeserving, or as if there will be strings attached to the gifts God gives us?  Just think about that for a moment.

Do you know that God actually wants you to TAKE from Him?  That is His greatest joy - to give to us.  After all, He GAVE us the ultimate gift in His Son.  That was a big deal.  And then if we have trouble receiving all He has laid out in front of us (healing, blessing, forgiveness, salvation, life, abundance, joy, freedom, peace, justification, etc.) because of certain mindsets or ideas, I wonder what He thinks?
He wants us to take, take, take all that He has for us!!!  No strings attached!

Today I'm asking myself two questions, and you should do the same:

What kind of a receiver am I and how do I feel when others try to give to me, no strings attached?
How can I be an open receiver to God and also to those who want to be a blessing in my life?

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Tanya said...

Loved this. Love how you broke it down. And love that you have us beg the question. Thanks!