October 6, 2011

NB Photography Sessions

It has been just over a month since I got back from my short trip out east.  I went to New Brunswick with my three kids and my mother (thank God she was with me for the drive to infinity).  I say "infinity" jokingly, because it was a relatively peaceful trip - as peaceful as it can get being in a car for 10 hours with a 6 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old.  For those of you who have taken little ones on long trips, I need not explain.

It was a pretty quick trip - much quicker than I had originally planned.  The 4 of us drove 7 hours to Quebec on Friday, spent a nice weekend with my family, drove 10 hours to New Brunswick on Monday, drove 10 hours back to Quebec again on Friday, and then drove 7 hours back to our home here.  On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of that week, I spent daylight hours photographing people, and night hours visiting with family that I haven't seen in ages.  It was exhausting and wonderful at the same time.  Next time I think I'll set aside more time to visit family though, and maybe even more time to tour around.

I did manage to see almost all the places I remember growing up in as a child.  That was surreal.  Not alot has changed, and maybe that's what made it so surreal.  I had vivid memories of school, being with friends, biking through the country and dipping my toes in the ocean water (I don't remember alot of swimming in those frigid waters).  Somehow during my sessions I ended up taking pictures of two families at the very location where I was baptized almost 20 years ago.  It really meant alot to actually see it in person again, especially since I am a very visual person.

Green's Point - The place where I was baptized as an 11 year old child.  It was cold!

Springfield Road

In Springfield, I stopped on the long road and thought to myself, "Yep...this is exactly how I remember it."  Pretty boring, but pretty amazing, when you really think about it.
It was in these "boring" places that my imagination developed.  It was in these places that I wandered off and dreamed of one day being a writer, artist, singer, musician.  I had no cares.  I didn't watch much TV.  And I ate meals from scratch, that most-likely came from the neighbour's farm, garden or fish trap.  It was not uncommon for us to come home to find a bag or bucket on our front step.   It would contain fresh fish, live lobster or scallops, or freshly baked bread or pie from people in our community who loved to share their bounty.

One of the elementary schools I attended as a child.

One of the little churches my Dad pastored while I was growing up.

In a way, going back to New Brunswick fueled the already-present desire to raise my children in places like this.  And in a way, even though we live in the city, we are working to still create this type of environment for them: through the relationships we're building right now.  It's all about community.

I know I've said alot, but the main point is, I had a really great time visiting my long-time friends and family in my "old home".  I hope it won't be so long before I'm back for another visit.  ♥

Now I'm going to leave you with just a few of my favorite photos from some of the shoots I did in New Brunswick.  Hopefully I will have a chance to do this again next year or the year after!


Courtney Shaw said...

Love this Estelle!! I wish I could have gotten together with you! Maybe next time forsure!

Aunt Wanda said...

:( & We Missed Seeing You. Uncle Ron was working:( Love You XXXOOOO

Patty-Jean Here said...

Wow, what beauty! Gorgeous place to grow up. And the food sounds so delicious! Sounds like we aspired to be similar things - I a dancer, artist, singer, musician, missionary, farmer's wife. Well I guess a mom can be a bit of everything :)

Laura said...

What a lovely post Estelle!