October 27, 2011

What I am praying today

Father, I need You today.  Well, perhaps I need to recognize that You are with me and You never leave.

Help me to see just how much You care for and love me today.

Please help me, today, to see the value of my life and how truly blessed I am.

Please help me to give no attention to the things I don't have, but help me to notice the things others need, and find a way to help them.  Help me to trust that You are the one who will take care of my needs and wants.

Give me courage and drive to work hard today, but also wisdom to know when it's time to rest.

Remove the distraction of guilt in my life, so I can be and do what I am called to.

Help me to be full of Your word and Your truth today and not compare myself to what this world calls "truth".

Help me to rise above this world's fears, temptations, motives, praise, rewards, value and entire system so I can be everything You ever desired me to be.

Give me Your clear vision and purpose for my life, and make me oblivious to anything that could possibly distract me from this vision.

Help me to see beyond what my natural eyes see, and see everything through an "eternity filter", because that is actually more real than this physical state.

Help me to recognize that I am not alone in this - that I not only have a huge support system of family and friends who love me, but that I have You.  If I had nothing but You, I would still have everything I need.

Help me to not spend my time trying to fulfill my dreams and desires with programs and material things.  Help me to pay attention, daily, to the needs of others and find ways to fill them up with Your love.  Again, You will take care of me.

God, You are everything.

You are the beginning and the end.

You are all I could ever want or need.

And You are holding me right now.

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Julie said...

this is beautiful. thank you for sharing. i prayed along with you, for you, as well as myself. i love you stelly. continue to inspire greatness form within.