December 3, 2011

The baby within

We got to see our cute little baby (number 4) for the first time yesterday!  Of course, we found out exactly whether we will be having a girl or a boy this time around, because this mama can't stand not knowing!

We're having another BOY!  Can you believe it?  I think I was in shock for the first couple of hours after the ultrasound!

Before the ultrasound, my daughter was convinced and hoping it was a baby girl, so naturally, I was a little concerned that she would take it hard.  But her reaction was priceless.  When the technician pointed out the obvious boy parts, my daughter said, "Well, you asked God for a baby girl...but He must have thought you said boy!".  She had a short little cry in the car, and then for the rest of the day she was overjoyed about having a new baby brother.  Before bed, she said to me with a little giggle, "Mommy, I hope he has his own look."  :)

I'm so proud of my family.  I'm so happy that our combination will be girl, boy, boy, boy.  I don't know where we're going to get all the food necessary to feed them when they're teenagers, but I'm extremely happy to add another little man to our clan.  ♥

And here he is...

(look at his perfect, adorable, round head)



Adorable! That is a great picture! Congrats you guys :)

Krisjana said...

Congratulations again! We had a similar situation when we found out that number 5 would be another girl. Dane had a few tears about having a 4th little sister but soon got over it. He loves all of them so much and is a wonderful big brother.
Yours will be a wonderful big sister to all of her brothers! A bonus - her own room ;)

Christina Durksen said...

I love his first picture! He is adorable! I had the exact same thing written on my ultrasound picture: "Hi, Mommy, Daddy and Emmett!" That's awesome!

Tammara said...

So happy for you guys. Your house will be noisier (if you can believe it possible) but full of energy and fun!

Debbie said...


When is your estimated arrival date?

I am going for my ultrasound this coming week. Im 19 weeks