January 16, 2012

Now hiring....

I am getting ready for Spring already, aren't you?  :)

I've got many things on the list for the year, and one of them is to find someone to help me with my etsy shop!  This is very exciting to me because I often skip over to my shop and see how empty it is and it makes me a wee bit sad.  :(  And now with baby number 4 on the way, there is no possible way I can get all the sewing done by myself.  It's going to be fun!

Here are the qualities I am looking for in a part-time assistant:

- capable of basic sewing on a machine (no need to be professional, I will teach you!)
- wants to learn new things
- has a car and can run errands occasionally
- wants to earn extra money but only work part-time

If you are local, and you are interested in working with me, please email me personally to apply.  I will give you more details at that point.  :)  Also, if you're reading this and you know of anyone who may be interested, please forward this post to them!  Thanks!

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