February 1, 2012

Stuck like glue

Your fears of today cannot separate you from the love of God.

Your worries for tomorrow cannot separate you from His love.

Something as final as death cannot keep God's love from you.

Cares of life, pleasures of life - they can't separate you from God's love.

Even the spirit world - angels and demons - cannot keep God's love away from you.

If you're on the highest mountain or in the depth of the sea, God's love is right there with you.

Nothing, at all, can detach His love from you.  It's stuck like glue.

(Romans 8:38-39 in my words)


Katharine said...

Great translation :) Have a wonderful Wednesday

Coley Cole said...

This is beautiful. I read your about section and was very moved by what you wrote. I hope you continue to be an inspiration to others.