July 26, 2012

The Real Deal

I hope I never give any of you the impression that my life is perfect.  I know, in this age of social networking, it can seem like someone has got it all together because we only get to see a small fraction of what they choose to show us.  It may seem that they don't have the same struggles the rest of us face.  Personally, I don't really want to know all the nitty gritty details of peoples' lives, nor do I want to share all of mine with the online world.  That's what close, in-person relationships are for.  So, I don't think it's really wrong that all the details are not out there, but let's not forget that those details still exist.

I'm quite a positive person, so what I share on my blog and on facebook usually has a positive spin on it.  But I will tell you right now, every day I face issues that challenge my optimistic side.  I have to make the choice to focus on the positive.  My house is not perfect.  If you show up unannounced, you'll see shoes in a pile by the front door, dust under my chairs and dishes in my sink.  My relationships are not perfect.  There are times when I "lose it" with my kids, yell at them and wonder if the neighbours can hear me.  My kids are not always the sweet little angels you see in the photos I take.  In fact, just yesterday I went into our backyard to find our elderly neighbour scolding my 4-year-old son over the fence.  Apparently he was playing with the hose (which is a no-no, to begin with) and sprayed water over the fence, soaking my neighbour's guest.  Nice.  There are many mornings when I start my day feeling exhausted and looking like I got hit by a truck in the night.  I get irritated at times.  I am selfish at times.  I lose my temper at times.  I feel inadequate at times.

I'm not trying to be down on myself.  My point is, I don't ever want to give the impression that I've got it all together and that my life is on a cloud somewhere in Perfectionville.  My life is probably quite like yours in many ways.  I am learning as I go, just as you are.

I realize that on the days when I feel inadequate, that is just where I need to be to receive the mercy God has provided for me.

On the days when I "lose it", I recognize that I do not need to control everything.  I need to let go a little and know that God has my life in His hands.

Whenever I wake up feeling exhausted and starting my day on empty, He keeps me in perfect peace and gives my mind the rest I need throughout the day.

If the troubles of the day take too much out of me and sadness tries to cover my heart, I can laugh at the day and see that there's a fresh start tomorrow.  His joy is my strength.

The whole point is that we are on not on this journey alone.  Even if you don't believe in God or if you feel like He's far away, He's always within arms reach.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, He is always there; full of mercy, full of love, full of strength.  Even if your heart is facing the opposite direction, all it takes is one slight adjustment to turn yourself towards Him.  He is available.  It's that slight adjustment that can be difficult for us though, because it requires humility, and we are prideful by nature.

Life is not always easy, but it can be restful.  It is not meant to be explored on your own.  We have eachother.  The relationships we have on this earth are symbolic of the relationship we are meant to have with God.  Through the ups and downs, through the easy and difficult - every step with our hearts facing towards God, walking it out with Him.

complete rest

I hope your day is restful, not perfect, but restful, because you're walking with someone great.


Vanessa said...

This was extremely timely for me, Estelle. Two times now your blog insights have set my thinking on the right path. Thank you for your transparency and being willing to share a part of yourself online. Off to get my day going full steam. :)

Tracy said...

I thought your post was very well said. All to often we get a little glimpse into someone life from our online communities and think they have it altogether or have things better then us. No ones life is perfect. Thank you for reminding me that on the bad days (and the good) God is right there with me waiting for me to reach out for him.