September 4, 2012

Holding Onto Summer

Today I am so thankful for warm September days.  They make the end of summer not so hard to accept.
We filled the last two days of August with lots of sand, water and sun.  And yesterday?  Well, let's just say I got my first actual tan of the season, so it still feels like summer around here.

Fall will be nice too though.  Here in Niagara we tend to have pretty mild weather and the true cold doesn't quite hit until late November (most years).  So there will be lots of sweater-wearing and tea-drinking around here once the days start to cool down.  

But for now, I will take the warm weather.

On Saturday, I started a new morning walking/running routine.  I love getting up before everyone else - before the roads get busy with travelers.  I love living in walking distance from Lake Ontario.  It is so beautiful when the sun is rising.  I am taking one day at a time, but the plan is to make this a habit.  I am learning that I need to start my days this way.

Another new thing I'm embarking on are my photography workshops starting next week.  I can't even tell you how excited I am to be able to share my experience with photography with people who want to learn!  I've got lots of cool ideas for it that I want to share RIGHT NOW...but I should probably save that for the class.  :P

What new things are you venturing into this Fall?

September sand castles work just fine.  :)

There's no foot massage like one from the beach.  

Don't interrupt her, she's busy building.

My summer 2012 stand-bys.  They may even last another summer.

Hello, baby blue beach boy!

Give a cranky baby a blanky and a soother and what does he do?
Sandy toes.
Asleep, despite the loud waves crashing on the beach.

My kids were walking along the shore, laughing and playing, and then I look, and all I see is Elias' head bobbing in the water!  :O  If you're guessing I ran hard and grabbed him as fast as I could, you're right.  Scary moment.

That man you see carrying the baby?  Yeah, that's just the strongest, most caring man you'll probably ever have a chance to meet.  I love him.  :)

One last pose at the gazebo before we hit the road.  Can you tell someone was wading a little too deep in the water?  ;) 

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