February 26, 2014

An Ordinary Day

My sister posted a video not too long ago that really inspired me. It's called An Ordinary Day, and was incredibly artistic and beautiful. I hope to compile a video along those lines someday, but for now, I am posting a few bits and pieces of my day the other day, in still shots. I want to do a better version of this - a more thorough look at a day, but that will require a bit more planning.  ;)

I want, so much, to remember this time of my life. I feel as though it is whipping past me at lightning speed. Elias will be starting school THIS FALL (in case you don't know, Elias is baby #3). How did that happen?

So, these ordinary moments, the routine, the repetitious stuff - that's what I want to remember. I want to remember how cute my child's feet look in sleepers. Or how Mark reads to the kids pretty-much every night while I make lunches. I want to remember the boring, the mundane and the ordinary parts of my days. Because that will all change one day, and I will miss it. ♥


Julie Karanfilis said...

lovely images. i took deep breaths looking at them, remembering those moments with our son, and also mourning over not slowing down with him. Thank you.
(((ps.... that's not a paint can is it... you guys *massively dislike* painting from what I recall!!)))

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. You are truly blessed Estelle! Thanks for sharing your ordinary moment. xx

Deborah Marchinko said...

Love your photography and your whole family! The best