July 26, 2007

Big Baby

Am I talking more about myself in this title. Probably. I am a little scared.
I went for my first appointment with my OB today. Man, how I've missed those hour long waits in the waiting room with nothing to do. And this time around I get wait while entertaining a toddler. I just love to wait. I do actually love to find out more details of my pregnancy though. Today I was informed of a few things you might find interesting... Dr. D. says my due date is more like November 7th rather than the 11th. He will use that date as guideline, and then if I go a week over we will talk about induction. This makes me 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. Funny thing is...Dr. says I am measuring like I am 28 weeks pregnant. That means my baby's growth rate is 3 weeks ahead of where it's supposed to be! He says I will probably have another big baby, in fact, he says he could easily be 10lbs!!! I asked him what would happen (I really don't want a C-section), and he says I'll go for an ultrasound a few weeks before my due date to see how big the baby is and then we will decide what to do (possibly induction - which means an early baby). I asked him if there's anything I can do to help the baby not be so big (I eat very healthy and balanced, as I did in my first pregnancy). He said I have absolutely no control over how big my son will be at birth. It's all genetics. Thanks, Mark. Anyway, I don't mind having big babies, I just don't want a C-section. Oh...here's another interesting point (don't read this if you can't handle details): because I gave birth to a 9lb baby without help from a vacuum or forceps in around 15 minutes of pushing (with little tearing), my Dr. says that my pelvis probably could handle delivering an 11lb baby (but they aren't going to let me go that far)!! I guess I'm just made to deliver big healthy babies. Mark, you picked good. Anyway, if this blog entry was too much for you, I'm sorry. The next one shouldn't be so bad.

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