August 23, 2007

Home Again

Well, they're (my husband and my daughter) back and I couldn't be more happy! They arrived the night before last night at around midnight. Mark and I just could not stop talking. As we lay in bed I could not help but think, "this feels like one of those girls' nights where you just have so much to talk about that you end up seeing daylight at some point." - probably not something I should relay to Mark. But one of us would say, "ok, we really need to get to sleep", and then a couple of minutes later the other one would start up conversation again. It was well past 2am before we actually got to sleep. Although I was exhausted most of the day yesterday, I had a quiet and relaxing day with my daughter. I took Murielle thrift shopping in the morning (we found some great deals - one of them was this chair Murielle is sitting on while she eats blueberries) and then grocery shopping. I had a friend over for lunch and we talked, drank tea and ate summer pie while our children napped. The weather was slightly cool and humid - it was an all-around wonderful day. Needless to say, I was asleep not much past 9pm.

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