September 6, 2007


On Monday I had the chance to experience the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto with Mark and Murielle. It was fun. Just like any regular exhibition (rides, animals, candy apples, etc.), but I enjoyed it more than ever because my little girl was having such a blast. She got so excited at the animals that she would do this pressurized giggle sort-of-thing. It was adorable. Then there was the air show. It was about a half hour before I realised that she was staring at the ground totally stunned and not watching the planes at all. I asked her if she was ok, and she looked up at me, lip starting to quiver, and cried. For the rest of the show I held her close and covered her ears. The planes were pretty loud. She didn't cry after that, but at one point she looked up at Mark and said, "Daddy? I'm scared." It was precious. There are few things in life that can top spending a day with your two most beloved people in the world.

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