August 20, 2007

Quiet day

I have been left alone for a couple of days (my daughter and my hubby went with his family to the cottage) and I can't decide if I'm enjoying it or not. I am actually confusing myself because my personality is very much ok with being alone. In fact, if I don't have time alone, I usually feel pretty smothered. It is so quiet around here, (and yes, I have gotten more work done today than I have in a very long time) but I do miss my daughter and husband quite a bit. They will be back home tomorrow night and things will be back to normal.
As far as what I got done today...this morning I was up at the usual 6:15am (darn internal alarm won't ever let me sleep in) and I cleaned and organised the bathroom. Then I did some laundry. Then I went on the computer and edited photos for a wedding I shot a couple weeks ago. Then something weird was happening with my external drive, so I started some sewing. I embroidered part of a toy I am making for a christmas present and then sewed 4 handbags! They were all ordered weeks ago and I am finally getting caught up. I took a break. I figured I should since this is my couple days off. Now I am thinking about making a tea and doing some more sewing. I would love to have gotten more cleaning/organising done today...but I still have time tomorrow.

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Jirya said...


I know you don't know me. I was going through blogs randomly and found yours.

I just wanted to say that your photos of your child are just stunning! Really, they are lovely. Obviously, having a beautiful subject helps also, but it takes skill to create such a lovely image.

Anyway, that's my randomness for the day. :)

"I'd like to think that the actions we take today will allow others in the future to discover the wonders of landscapes we helped protect but never had the chance to enjoy ourselves.
Annie Leibovitz "