September 22, 2007

Giving is one of the best joys in life

Seriously. I have been making so many gifts for people over the last few weeks and I find it such a joy. Some people have received them, and some will get them today! So, hopefully they aren't reading this blog before I actually have the chance to give them their treasures.

The first one you see, will be sent in the mail to a friend. I'll tell you more about that later when I know she's received it. The second gift pack is going to a friend of mine who's baby shower I will be attending this afternoon. It's her first and she's having a boy. She is due a couple weeks before I am. So, I made her a pocketed tote, diaper case, baby play mat and stuffie in all matching colors and patterns. I hope she likes these fall colors. Part of me wanted to stay with the traditional blue, but I really like this combo. The third gift set is going to a very dear friend of mine who's birthday is on the same day as mine! I had originally planned on giving her just the tote and the clutch, but then had this great idea to embroider a message to her from my heart. I really hope she likes it. I'll be giving it to her this afternoon - I think she'll be at the baby shower. So, that's it for now. I'll let you in on more projects as they come.

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