September 24, 2007


What am I going to do today? I am going to start this week with some much-needed cleaning and organizing. Our house goes through a whirlwind on the weekends. I'm thinking about maybe going through some of Murielle's old baby clothes and getting rid of them...since we're having a baby boy. For the fun stuff today? I might pick up some paints for Murielle and start her on an art project. Maybe on some mini canvases or something...and then I could give them as gifts for Christmas! Oops...I shouldn't be giving away all my secrets on here!

On a side note...I feel like I am the most blessed person ever. I have such a wonderful life - a great husband - a precious daughter - and I only expect things to get better. I was browsing a site that hosts anonymous confessions from mothers and it breaks my heart to see so many of them in distress or in really bad situations. I wish they knew God and how much He loves them. I know life is not easy sometimes, but understanding a little bit that there is someone out there who is greater than me and who loves me more than I can ever know, makes everything so beautiful. My outlook changes and my priorities change. My future holds good things because that's what God wants for me. If only everyone knew God and realized that His Grace is for them.

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