September 26, 2007

True or False?

I have been experiencing SO many contractions lately and I'm a little annoyed. I can't even stand up without bringing one on. Yesterday I was feeling so awful I actually considered calling my Dr. for an early visit. I am still unsure about what is going on, and a little curious as to whether this means I could go into labor early or not. Am I going to have these "false" contractions for the next SIX weeks? It's tiresome. I get up around 5am everyday just because I can't sleep comfortably. I mean, I am thankful for the early mornings in some sense cause I get things done, but it just means I have to nap everyday too....which I'm not so crazy about. On the downside, six weeks seems like a long time when you're feeling not so good. On the upside, six weeks really is not that long when you think about it. I just need to resign myself to a slower pace for the next little while and see if that helps my contractions at all. Ok...done my "venting".

Now for the fun stuff...
I got some great books in the mail yesterday that I ordered recently. The Craft, Inc. you see here has such a wealth of information in it and I'm throughly enjoying it. The other ones are The Toddler's Busy Book and The Preschoolers Busy book. Although I've only glanced at the contents so far, they seem like they have some great ideas for keeping kids occupied.

My wonderful husband just brought me a plate of breakfast and a cup of coffee. He treats me so good. I'm gonna go enjoy this with him.

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