September 18, 2007

Vintage I am really falling in love with all the "vintage-y" fabrics I've been finding these days! They are usually made of good quality textiles and the patterns are so unique! Some of them are just so ugly, they turn pretty! The one you see here is from 1970! It was not a sheet or used was an intact cutting of fabric I found at my local thrift store. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Any ideas? It's got a sort of bohemian thing going on and I LOVE the colors involved here!

I have also been working with alot of wools and linens lately - something I've never done before. I am learning to appreciate natural fibers. They just feel so much nicer and last way longer than anything else. They add a richness to my projects. I'm happy.

Speaking of projects...I've got so many on the go I can hardly contain myself! I am enjoying this so much! I finished a gift for a dear friend of mine a couple weeks ago, and then on her birthday got an idea of one more thing I'd like to add. I will put picture up as soon as I give it to her so you can see.
Now I've got to make a few baby shower gifts and there's always Christmas...which will be here before I'm ready, I'm sure. And then there are all these things I want to make for my little girl and my little boy (whom I am going to meet VERY soon! Yipee!!!). I picked up some wonderful vintage patterns yesterday - completely intact - in hopes of finding a coat pattern for my little girl. There just happened to be a beautiful empire coat that I am going to try to make for her. Can't wait! On top of that there were so many beautiful dress patterns and coat and pants patterns - all vintage! I posted the rest of the lot on Etsy in case some of you wanted to take advantage of that. I thought some of them would be beautiful if the patterns and lacy-ness were toned down a bit, they would make gorgeous and modern-looking clothes.

Can I admit something? I have steered myself away from using patterns in the past because I'm a little afraid. I'm the type who would much rather tackle something on my own and create something new instead of follow it "by the book"...but can I admit something else? I have secretly been wanting to just see what it's like to follow a pattern for once. Now I get to try it. I'll let you know how that goes.

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