September 13, 2007

I think I need a doctor.

A chiropractor, that is. I woke up on Sunday morning with such a pain in my neck and shoulder and I haven't been able to move it properly without pain since then. I thought I would wait it out to see if it was just a muscle, but things haven't really gotten better. Someone advised me not to wait it out if it's a nerve because then I may end up compensating for the pain I feel and make other areas of my body out of balance. Great.
For a new topic; I updated my online shop yesterday for the first time all summer! I am so excited about all the new bags I'm making and all the great fabrics I've been able to find. I've sold 5 bags in the last two days! I better get sewing! This is a photo of me modeling one of my bags this morning. Yes, that is my belly, and yes, it is real - it's not a basketball even though it may closely resemble one. I am 32 weeks pregnant! I can't believe how fast time has gone!

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