October 22, 2007

It's that time again...

...the time in pregnancy where you start noticing your due date on things like milk, yogurt, eggs. It's just a reminder that this date will actually arrive, and very soon. November 11 was my first due date before the Dr. realized how big I was getting. He then changed my due date to November 7. I have a hard time believing him because I know my body very well. Plus, he changed my due date with Murielle (from August 1 to July 27) and I had her on August 2. But, I guess things like due dates and the weather are never for sure.

I have gotten caught up this weekend and I am very happy. I finished all my pending projects for other people. Now I can relax a little and focus on my own personal projects. I really need a nursing pillow before the baby comes, so that will be my next sewing project. Along with that I'm going to whip up some receiving blankets and maybe a baby carrier. I need to make my own blankets for the baby because the ones they sell in the store are usually not big enough to last the first month. I stopped swaddling Murielle soon after she was born for that very reason. She was a big baby. Heavy and long. 22 inches and exactly 9 lbs. I wonder how big this little boy will be? Anyhow...I will be prepared in the blanket area, at least.

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