November 3, 2007

Our new puppy we didn't get a pet. But we got a puppy.(huh?) A Murielle puppy, that is. She dressed up as a puppy for Halloween this year. I'm not a fan of the scary/death/gorey symbols that Halloween sometimes represents, but it was really fun to take her out to the neighbours' houses for candy. She obviously loved it too. We are kinda spreading out the sugar intake though. We've put all her candy out of reach - until those right moments.

So, I was up early this morning. I have been wanting to create a group on facebook for my Estellelle handbags - a, sort of, fan club, if you will. So, I used my early morning time for that today. I want to start doing more [publicized] freebies and shop updates. I am slowing down on the sewing end of things...only for the time being. Just until things even out after having the baby (which I haven't had yet). I am SO hoping I'll go into labor early this coming week. Please God. I'll try to get an update just as soon as baby is born.

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