February 19, 2008


So...here it is. Apparently this is the color forecast for spring 2008.

I have been using this palette as inspiration for some of the bags I'll be bringing out this season. I won't be following it exactly - who likes to be bound by rules? But there are some great colors on here that I will definitely try to incorporate into my spring line of bags. You'll see some new bags in the shop very soon. I know some of you have been patiently waiting...I appreciate that. My goal (should I be saying this "out loud"?) between now and the end of March is to make 40 bags. I would like to have them all listed by then, but for now my goal is to have them made. I want all of you to have as much to choose from for spring and summer. Everyone needs a couple new, fresh bags every season...or at least every spring.

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