May 12, 2010

Momma's Day

Has it really been TWO weeks since my last post? How does that happen? I never have a lack of things to say, so how do I miss two weeks of blogging? It's a mystery. Cause I am totally just laying around doing nothing at all. And I totally (do you hear the sarcasm yet?) wake up every morning wondering, "Hmmm...what to do today? I wish there was something to do. I'm so bored. I wish I didn't have to just sit around doing nothing all day."

teehee I never promised you I was a comedienne.

In other news...
This Mother's Day was the best one I've experienced so far. My kids made me a cute little card (in Murielle's expert, age 4 printing), and gave me a sweet little charm for my keyring.

All day Mark treated me like the Queen. (Can I first mention, that on saturday night, Mark cooked an entire dinner for his own mom - something he loves to do every year - roast chicken, creamed potatoes, and a mixture of yummy veggies.) On Sunday, he made me breakfast, took me out for lunch (yummy Greek food at Joe Feta's), tended to the kids, took care of supper, and would not let me lift a finger! Even at bedtime, he sent me downstairs to browse on the computer (just for fun, not work) while he put the kids to bed! What a guy.

Then we decided on this awesome Mother's Day gift, which I will have in my possession this weekend!

After all that, as we went to bed, he said he had another surprise for me. He has arranged to take himself and the kids to his mom's for a night at the end of this month so I can be alone for a night...without noise...without kids....(did I mention it will be quiet and I'll have the house to myself?). Then I am to wake up when I want (maybe I'll get to sleep in until 7am, which sounds early, but would actually be 2 hours later than normal for me), go out for breakfast, and shop by myself for the entire day (with cash!)!! That's not the end of it...Then he added that his mom has agreed to come back to our house with him and help finish up the second coat of paint in our main level! So, can you see why this would be my best Mother's Day so far? I am truly blessed with a caring husband. I'm happy to say that he has definitely honored me as his "babies' momma" this year.
Sometimes it's not easy being a mom of small children because they are so demanding, and it's hard for people to notice just how much you really are doing. It really helps to have people in your life who actually care and love you. I am so thankful.

The only thing missing from this past weekend was the fact that I didn't get to see my own Mother. I miss her. Even though she is only 7 hours away, it doesn't always work out for us to get together on Mother's Day - her being busy honoring the mothers in her church family and me busy being a mom to my sweet babes. I love her so much and she has impacted my life on such a deep level.

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Misty Roach said...

I'm speechless! And so happy for you. Maybe a tiny bit jealous, but still very happy for you! Sounds wonderful and you deserve it. =)