June 29, 2010

Murielle dans la Maternelle

It has been an interesting school year for Murielle. It started out very emotional for both of us and took Murielle the entire first semester to get used to being away from Mommy and adjusting to the all-french atmosphere. By Christmas break, I was ready to remove her from school entirely and start homeschooling. That was the plan...but it left me feeling uneasy because of I felt like I would be acting hastily without really confronting the situation.
So, after the holidays, we decided to leave her in for a couple of weeks and then address our concerns with the teacher after that. Except, much to our delight (and surprise), Murielle's adjustment period seemed like it had passed! She was speaking french (and in full sentences) and coming home from school happy! She also started expressing her love for school and her teacher and her friends. This made me feel so much better about our decision to put her in french school. And the rest of 2010 increasingly got better.
It's so funny how it has been a complete turnaround from the beginning of school until now. And I actually feel more a part of the school community and am more confident in my ability to communicate with the teachers. I realize that choosing your child's school can be a difficult task because they are, honestly, all so different. But I believe we were directed to this school for a reason, and that we have found a gem. We love the small atmosphere and the way the teachers show so much concern and care for each student. We love the fun little community-building events they put on and how all the staff seem happy and relaxed. In talking to parents who have had their kids in this school from JK-grade 8, they absolutely love the school and appreciate the quality of education they offer. We just love it and believe this is the right school for our children right now.

And here we are...the last day of Maternelle (JK). Murielle's last full day of school. I couldn't help but feel a little emotional as I watched Murielle walk into her classroom today, hand her teacher flowers and then see the tears well up in Mme. Bénédicte's eyes as she expressed her thanks to Murielle. I don't think she realizes how much of an impact her love, concern and attention have made on my daughter...and on me. And I'm thankful we stuck out the year, and now get to reap the reward.

On top of that...I am SO excited to be able to spend the summer with Murielle and Sam! This will be a memorable time for us as we await baby number 3 - a little more than a month to go!

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