October 26, 2010

One hundred years from now

A conversation with my mom this morning got me thinking...
One hundred years from now, what is going to matter?

I mean, a hundred years from now, is it going to matter that my house was in perfect order today or that I invested time into my kids?

Do I need to speak my mind today and "get it off my chest"? Do I risk hurting someone with my words over something that won't matter in a hundred years?

Are my petty mistakes going to matter in a hundred years? Is it worth beating myself up over such minor things?

Do I waste energy in frustration today because I got cut off by that driver, or because that person didn't return my call, or because I don't have enough money to buy such-and-such, or because I just can't seem to get things right?

Do I waste time worrying about things that I know will fix themselves tomorrow?

Will it matter in one hundred years?

I'm asking myself that today.

Am I focusing all my attention on what's right in front of me? Am I forgetting the things that will matter in hundred years because I'm so distracted by the temporal?

Or am I taking time for things that will matter years down the road?
Things like...spending time loving on my kids.
...forgetting about the housework for the afternoon and praying with a friend.
...relaxing a little and taking time to obey that still small voice.
...reading the Bible and other books that are going to build me up.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I need to re-focus myself (in fact that is the theme of this year as I blogged previously). I know we have to live in this world and do everyday things that we do, but we don't have to be overtaken by them. We must keep things in the right order.

Realize what's important...and what will matter in a hundred years.

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