December 9, 2010

A few of my favorite, everyday things of the moment

Tashodi products...

I bought some huge jugs of their shampoo and conditioner a couple of months ago and they are wonderful! Their products are fair-trade, organic, natural and nice for the environment...and they're a Canadian company to boot! (tip: lately I've seen these products more and more in places like Homesense and Winners - yay!)

Burlington Spice Company

EXCELLENT cooking spices with no added salt or sugar! They've got lots of unique flavours. Our favorite one right now happens to be the mediterranean one. This is also a Canadian fact I believe it's local (Oakville area). The only downside is that I can't find their products anymore and they also don't have their own promotional website.

Once Upon a Child

If you have kids and you've ever been to OUAC before, you can quickly see the value in this store. They sell brand name kid's clothing, toys and baby products, only most of it is secondhand (they do carry new, unique products as well). They are super picky with their clothes, so that means you get excellent brands and quality and a super low price. Love this store. (tip: if you buy good brands and take good care of the clothes, you can actually resell them back to OUAC)

Pilgrim's Drug Free Meats

The best drug-free, hormone-free meat in our city.

Prima Wrap

My newest local find...and I'm sure will quickly become one of my favorite stops when shopping for gift-wrapping supplies. AND if you're a business, they have wholesale pricing. Joy.


Debbie said...

I love love once upon a child!

I know the people who have this company. They are organic and local.
check them out for spices and teas.

Estelle said...

Thanks, Debbie! What a great tip!

Tammara said...

we get all our bags for the gift give away from Prima Wrap :) I love that place, though it could be dangerous to go there too often :)