January 8, 2011

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We all know what sugar is used for, but in this post I want to discuss alternative uses for sugar. From a health perspective, we actually don't eat alot of refined, white sugar in our home. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago I was embarrassed when I went to serve tea to a friend and didn't have any sugar! I had also run out of honey (the main sugar we use at home) and ended up putting a little brown sugar in...yeah...I said, brown sugar. In tea. Sorry Rebekah.

(Believe it or not, we actually do buy our honey in 2kg jars!)

So yeah...we mainly use honey...and then the next on our list of sugars is maple syrup, then raw cane sugar (for recipes and company mostly - and we buy the raw because I don't really enjoy eating bleach - lol) and then stevia. I steer clear of artificial sweeteners altogether because...well...what are they anyway? Who really knows? All I know is that they're NOT food.

Ok...so now on to alternative uses for sugar.

grass stains - make a paste of sugar and water, let it sit on the stain overnight and it should come out easily

body scrub - sugar scrubs are great for making your skin feel soft and look vibrant - just make a paste with warm water and sugar and rub it on the skin and then rinse off. It will act as an exfoliant and wash away dead skin cells. This also works in removing grease or gel from your hands.

hair removal - you can mix your own sugar-cosmetic hair-removal product by combining warm water, lemon juice and sugar until you've created a thick paste. Once you've smeared it over yourself, press a strip of cloth over the paste and allow it to dry. You'll remove a lot of body hair when you pull up the strip.

plant life - dissolve a small amount in water to prolong the life of cut flowers and trees (Christmas tree)

bugs - apparently sprinkling a mix of sugar and baking powder around areas where bugs may come in kills off things like cockroaches as well as ants

Can you think of anything else sugar is useful for?

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