April 5, 2011

Trust Issues

"You can't trust people."

How many times have I heard that said?  "People are unreliable, they'll let you down."

I guess it's probably true, somewhat.  But I believe if we never open our hearts up and take the risk of trusting people, we will not be able to experience depth in our relationships.  We close ourselves not only to the hurt that others may cause, we close ourselves to love.

Do you automatically assume people are thinking the worst about you?  Do you expect people to lie to you and betray your trust?  Does your heart get harder every time someone lets you down, adding to the disappointment and creating a callous over your soul?  Do you say to yourself, "I'll never make THAT mistake again.", when, in reality you are saying, "I'll never trust that way again."?

Mark and I were talking about this today - about how trusting people and being vulnerable creates an opportunity for deep, long-lasting friendships.  Of course, people let you down, betray your trust, and are sometimes just plain stupid.  That hurts.  But that is life, and not one of us is perfect.  This should not stop us from trusting people and believing the best about them.

What does your heart look like?

Is it closed up tight like a clam, unable to move, unable to be hurt, unable to love and, in turn, unable to accept love?

Or does your heart resemble a flower, wide open in bloom, waiting to receive something good, always expecting growth and life?

The flower occasionally experiences trampling and harsh weather, this is true...but has renewed strength once the sun comes out and the rain soaks in.

Your thoughts please...


elizabeth primo photography said...

that's the story of my life. wow

Chantal said...

Lately leaving my heart wide open with no boundaries has cost me. However, I do agree that it is better to trust than to not trust at all. I believe that one can only trust fully when they see a poven track record of faithfulness from the other person. If the other person has broke promises or bruised your trust it is much harder to keep your heart in bloom rather you keep it hibernating until one can bloom again.