May 29, 2011

The dog ate my homework

You've probably been sitting at your computer every morning with your coffee, reading through your list of favorite blogs, only to find that I haven't blogged *again* today.  (we all know I'm on your list of favorite blogs - haha)
If it makes you feel better (cause it makes me feel better) I've thought of blogging almost every day over the last 26 days.  And it's not like I didn't want to...cause I did.

I guess you could say I've been experiencing a good way.  If you've ever asked God to change you and you really meant it, you'll know what I'm talking about.
Mark and I are presently seeing the effects of choices we purposefully made years ago.  This year we will celebrate 10 years being married and so far, it's proving to be a significant year in our lives.  We have made and are in the process of making some pretty big decisions for ourselves personally and for our family and business.  Everything that is happening with our family and business is all pointing to our destiny, and it's looking good, people (I wouldn't accept anything less)!
Honestly, I don't even know where to start or how to explain everything, or even if I want to at this point...but someday I will write a book (you heard it here first!).  Then you can read it and put the puzzle pieces together.  

All that said, I still am very much committed to this blog and to you lovely readers.  I appreciate your comments and I love inspiring you to live life full of passion, in whatever capacity that may be.  Everything I write here is a dialogue from the depths of my heart to you - sometimes I imagine myself sitting with each of you, chatting away about life and dreams and creativity and destiny.  And at the same time as I'm speaking to you through this blog, I'm learning things about who I really am and how I can live my own life with purpose and passion.

I want to be everything God sees in me.  I hope you do too.

(A new inspire post is coming soon!)

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Shanda said...

I have felt that way the last few weeks. Maybe try a blog hop with a theme to write on? Hang in there. We all go through this.