June 3, 2011

These days

These days, my life has been full of family-raising, business-building, God-loving, identity-realizing, mindset-shifting, idea-conjuring, house-purging, photo-taking, dream-making, future-pondering, skill-practicing, song-writing, money-saving - you know...just the usual.  :)

But it's definitely a new season for me.

How about you?

What's going on in your world these days?  In what way are you pursuing your dreams and ideas?  Or are you in a different season?  I really want to know!  Name one thing that you're learning right now (leave it in the comments section).

Just a side-thought...
I can pretty-much guarantee that anyone who has a lawn hates dandelions.  I mean, they multiply like...well...a weed, I guess.  They leave forever-stains on my children's clothing.  They make my lawn uneven.  But they definitely have their own beauty to offer.
Just look at the detail, and that bright, happy shade of yellow.  Did you know that dandelion greens, when consumed, are one of the most nutritious and detoxifying things you can eat?  Just a cup is packed with vitamin A, C, calcium and iron (read more here).  
The point is, that while dandelions can be an annoyance in one sense, they are a wonder in another - it's all what you decide to look at.  Sometimes life is like that too.  It's up to you to find the beauty in it.  
What beauty are you pulling out of this season of your life?

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elizabeth primo photography said...

to enjoy the process. that's what i'm doing right now. i know that death of all other hopes other than God could really mean that i can live the rest of my life knowing in my heart that God comes thru and nothing else helped.