July 19, 2011

"Ideas are held in that thought which surrounds the child as an atmosphere, in which he breathes in unconscious ideas of right living emanating from his parents.  Every look of gentleness and tone of reverence, every word of kindness and act of help, passes into the thought-environment, the very atmosphere which the child breathes; he does not think of these things, may never think of them, but all his life long they excite that vague relationship towards something out of which most of his actions spring."

- Charlotte Mason 


Paula Sippley said...

I love Charlotte Mason's philosphies for Education. Have you read Karen Andreola's A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning. It is wonderful! It is so practical yet full of wisdom. Are you thinking of homeschooling?

Patty-Jean Here said...

I'm such a fan of Charlotte Mason! Thank-you for sharing this great quote!