July 21, 2011

New Brunswick

It's been a long time since I've been back to the place I spent the first 15 years of my life: New Brunswick.  There is a unique, nostalgic beauty about New Brunswick and I often ache to return and visit the towns I grew up in.  Last Spring I really wanted to plan a "photography trip" to New Brunswick and book a whole bunch of photo sessions while there.  So, I started drawing up a rough plan back in 2009, and then I got pregnant.  I became rather large and started nesting early, so by Spring 2010, I was in no state to take an 18 hour road trip. I was sad about the whole thing, but in my mind "postponed" the trip rather than cancelled it.

My little baby is just shy of a year old now, and it's time.  It's time to go back to my stomping grounds, breathe in the fresh, salt air and reminisce with "old" friends.  Except this time, I will have the privilege of snapping a photo or two (or 30 or 40, for some) of them.  I will be in N.B. from August 21-27 - I am booking a limited amount of photo shoots while there.  I am SO excited...and a little nervous, in all honesty!

I have had many friends from New Brunswick ask me to come and visit, and some have tried to make me promise to visit.  Even more have expressed that they wished I lived closer so I could take their photos (that's extremely humbling).  So, I've decided it's time to make my way east!.  If you're in N.B. and would like to meet up with me, please let me know!

Oh yes, and here's the sweet promotion I'm giving you!

See you in a month!


Katharine said...

I have always wanted to travel East...someday... :) Sounds like you have a great trip planned!!

Natasha said...

Darn. I will be in NB from Aug 5 to 8th....then back to Halifax for me. Enjoy your time. We always enjoy our annual trip...but that might because the person we stay with has a pool. Enjoy.

Wanda said...

So Looking forward to seeing You all!

Aiza said...

Thanks for the great comment. It's the kind of remark that makes me want to finish my memoir and make a real effort to get it published.