August 9, 2011

What's happenin'

Seriously, one of these days I am going to make a collage of all the awkward pictures I have of myself.
It's ok, you can laugh at my expense.

Hello my lovely readers!  Remember me?

I have an Inspire post coming up shortly by a friend who is going to inspire your socks off, but first I thought I should let you know how I've been spending my summer days...

- my daughter just turned 6
- my baby just turned 1 yesterday (on a side note: I think I made him sick yesterday!  He had chocolate cake for the first time and threw up three times at bedtime!  Sorry, baby!)
- beaches, parks, bbqs, potlucks
- photo shoots galore (fun!) and new camera equipment (yay!)
- prep for our journey into homeschooling this fall (!)
- my close friend, Laila, just had her third baby girl last week (Eee!  Babies!!  Love 'em!)
- I finally bought a new patio set yesterday to replace the one I threw away in May (ok, so maybe that's not a big deal, but I started my hunt way back then and it's taken me almost the whole summer to find one I liked at the price I liked!)
- I've got a HUGE, three-day line-up of photo sessions coming up in a couple weeks in one of my favorite places in the world: New Brunswick (super excited)
- prep for fall photo sessions
- a custom order (which I rarely ever take on) for 7 of my handbags ordered by a bride for all her bridesmaids (isn't that a thoughtful bridesmaid gift?)
- writing (all kinds)
- planning for a new endeavour that I am hoping to be able to elaborate on in the very near future  :)

How are you spending your time this summer?  

Are you loving life?
Are you focusing on what's right in front of you and doing/being with passion?

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Christina Durksen said...

Estelle, I love that picture of you! It's great!