September 30, 2007

Bellies everywhere!

Well, it seems when you become pregnant in these parts, you join a whole slew of women who find themselves in the same state. I have SO many friends/relatives who are pregnant right now! Last time I counted, there were 12 of us (and probably more that I've forgotten) due between now and April - minus our cousin, Christine, who had her 7lb baby boy, Lincoln, on Wednesday! On Thursday, Murielle and I drove to Mark's cousin's house to take some belly shots (she is the one you see in this photo). She is due on Tuesday. Next week my photographer friend is taking some maternity shots for me! I am so excited! Now, what to wear? Nothing fits anymore.

Oooo...did I mention I picked up some super-cute shoes for my boy yesterday? They are so tiny, they'll probably only fit him for the first month, but they are Gap and Nike (thrifted, of course) and I can't wait to dress him up! I also picked up an adorable thrifted skirt and some new brown tweed shoes from Joe Kids. Have you seen the new kids' clothes at Superstore? Stylish, cute and good quality. Love it.

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