May 22, 2008

To start, I was so happy to find this school bag while thrift shopping the other day. I don't know exactly how old it is, or where it originally came from, but it reminds me of my first school bag in grade one. Mine was navy blue. The other thing I love to look for at thrift stores are golden books. My daughter absolutely loves them and will recite them from memory (after us reading them to her a gazillion times, of course). Do you think I could recite them? Not a chance.

In other news, here are some new dresses I created for Murielle. I have this overwhelming desire to make her as many dresses as I can while she is still small. Because, at some point she will probably be opposed to the idea. I am hoping by that time she will have learned to design her own clothes and far surpass my giftings in that area. It also helps right now that she LOVES dresses and getting her to wear anything but is quite a challenge these days. When the weather gets warmer she will probably be wearing dresses everyday.

Those little smock dresses are the easiest to sew (the blue dress). You just need a tube of fabric (like a pillowcase with two openings instead of one). You just put elastic thread in the bobbin and normal thread in the top, flip your machine to the "smocking" setting and start sewing around and around on end of the tube in rows. Sew some straps on, and, voila!, you've got a cutesy little dress! I plan on making a few more of these.

I do have alot more news to share, but I can't really share at this time. There are several BIG things (well, they're big to us) happening with our businesses. We are totally pumped, but I'm gonna save the details for later. :o)

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